The Winter Windsurfing European Cup (WWEC) is organized to find the best winter windsurfers in Europe in a 4 to 6 competition series, to maintain winter windsurfing traditions and overall windsurfing popularity.

WWEC is organized and promoted by the Tour Promoter (TP) – WINTER WINDSURF CLUB, which is sanctioned to do so by winter windsurfing enthusiasts and World Ice and Snow Sailing Association (WISSA). Each different event on the tour will be organized in cooperation with Local Organizing Authority (LOA).

SCHEDULE – AND ICE CONDITIONS WWEC will consist of up to 6 events in different European countries:

LATVIA January
LITHUANIA Jan 29 – 31
ESTONIA March 5 – 7
One additional even can be included.

Friday will be preparation and test day. Competitions will take place Saturday and/or Sunday.

WWEC schedule is subject to change to meet good ice condition, when necessary and possible.  Changes will be announced not later than 7 days (Friday) before next event in www.WinterWindsurf.com

  1. RULES. Each event shall be governed by these rules:
    1. The ISAF racing rules of Sailing 2009 – 2012 (RRS)
    2. Winter Windsurf Racing Rules  (WWRR) 2010
    3. WISSA class rules
    4. The Notice of Race (NoR) and Sailing Instructions (SI)
  2. DISCIPLINES. The WWEC tour is combined of three disciplines COURSE, SLALOM and FREESTYLE.
    1. EUROPEAN CUP 2010 will be awarded for overall winners in and the goal for race committee is to achieve valid results in those two disciplines.
    2. Freestyle is included as demonstration discipline.  Organizing of competitions during WWEC events is very welcome, but decision to compete and evaluation system is left exclusively on freestylers on every separate event.  Goal of race committee is to find evaluation system options during WWEC2010 to prepare including Freestyle in official program in following WWEC seasons.
  3. NoR – for every event shall be published in www.winterwindsurf.com and therefore sent by LOA to Tour Promoter (TP) 35 days before first competition day.
  4. ENTRIES. Racers willing to compete can make on-line entry or by e-mail not later than 3 days before the event, or entry on site in time published in NoR. Recommended on site entry time is the afternoon of the day before the first start and the morning before the skippers meeting of the first competition day.
  5. SI – Shall be made available at registration as well the event program scheduling other events.
  6. DISTANCE. Shall be published on the Official Notice Board (ONB) at least 30 minutes before the start of a first race.
  7. SCORING. Alternative Scoring System with 0.7 points for the first place will apply in separate events. Valid event can be declared after one completed race or one completed elimination series.
  8. DIVISIONS. For the divisions every standing will be calculated by making extraction from overall results without recalculating scores.


i.      Overall. All competitors

ii.      Women. All female competitors


iii.      Youth. Under 20 years on December 31, 2009 (born 1990 and later)

iv.      Master. 40 years and over on December 31, 2009 (born1969 and before)


  1. On each event TP diplomas will be awarded for each discipline and division. If there will bee additional trophies and/or awards for local competitors, that shall be advertised by LOA in NoR in advance.
  2. European Cup overall results will be awarded with Slalom and Course Cups for overall winner. For other divisions diplomas, medals and trophies will be awarded.

11.  COMMUNICATIONS. The official website for the WWEC2010 is www.winterwindsurf.com . TP in cooperation with LOA will provide the following information on the website: tour information, event information, Results & Ranking lists, News, Pre registration service, Rules.

12.  JUDICATURE – Competitions shall be judged by experienced race officers.  For slalom discipline office shall be approved by WW.com qualification.  Approval can be given for judges, who have been judging Slalom as assistant of approved judge two or more times.

13.  PROTEST COMMITTEE – The protest committee shall be head of protest committee and may consist of competitors who are not involved in incident.  Competitors by entering event assume that they have to work in protest committee if head of protest committee implies them.

14.  BIBS & SAIL BRANDING. During racing competitors will be required to wear bibs and may be required to place advertising on their sails.

15.  LIABILITY. Competitors take part in the event at their own risk. The WISSA, ISAF, IFCA,  IWA, TP, LOA or any of their representatives, sponsors, or officials are not responsible under any circumstances for any damage, loss or injury to persons or equipment either ashore or on the ice (water). Participation in this event, supporting events and each race within it, is at sole discretion of the participant and his/her own risk.

16.  INSURANCE. If LOA demands so in NoR, competitors shall possess valid third party liability and/or insurance covering personal injury or equipment, and carry evidence of such.

17.  TELEVISION AND MEDIA. By registering for the event, competitors automatically grant the TP the right to make, use and show any motion and still pictures taken during the period and on the site of the event.

18.  MANUFACTURERS RANKING. At each event and each discipline, manufacturers’ tour ranking shall be calculated for boards and rigs, if they are represented by at least one competitor. If competitor is using different sail brands, it is calculated for the majority of its sails in this discipline. If the „tie“ still remains it is calculated for the brand producing its biggest sail. The best three results (ranking points for the annual ranking list) of each brand are added for the manufacturers ranking list.

19.  TOUR RANKING.  Winner of a discipline in an event will get 32 points for annual ranking list in this discipline, the second 31 etc.  From the 33rd. competitor on, no points will be granted.


  • Up to 3 events in tour completed: No discards
  • 4 events completed: 1 discard
  • 5 or 6 events completed: 2 discards

Winter Windsurfing European Cup goes to the one, with the highest points after discards.