WWEC 2009 ESTONIA results

Riders from Latvia are rocking in the WWEC 2009 in Estonia in slalom discipline, taking nearly all places on pedestal in perfect sunny and windy weather!

Wonderful weather in 4th WWEC 2009 round in Estonia ensured great races for all participants. There were 20 riders together from 4 countries racing more in slalom than course discipline.

Janis Preiss from Latvia stayed unbeatable in both disciplines, getting 1st places in overall group. New talents are also seen in slalom – Daniel Blinnikka from Finland and Marta Ozola from Latvia both technical and fast riders. But Marianne Kaplas is approving experience in women group getting 1st place in slalom again, right after 29th Ice and Snow Sailing Championship. Meanwhile Jevgeni Bogatorjov from Estonia got very good points for overall ranking, reaching 3rd place in course discipline overall group and 1st place in youth group.

Final results

Slalom overall:
1. Janis Preiss, Latvia
2. Aleksandrs Leontjevs, Latvia
3. Mikus Bevalds, Latvia

Course racing overall:
1. Janis Preiss, Latvia
2. Valeri Filippov, Estonia
3. Jevgeni Bogatorjov, Estonia

Slalom youth:
1. Mikus Bevalds, Latvia
2. Marta Ozola, Latvia
3. Daniel Blinnikka, Finland

Course racing youth:
1. Jevgeni Bogatorjov, Estonia
2. Mikus Bevalds, Latvia
3. Marta Ozola, Latvia

Slalom women:
1. Marianne Kaplas, Finland
2. Marta Ozola, Latvia
3. Annika Valkna, Estonia

Course racing women:
1. Marta Ozola, Latvia

Sauna in Baltic Hotel Promenaadi to warm up, delicious dinner and then party until early morning in Haapsalu Yachtclub, new theories, old stories, many laughs, cheerful singing together with guitar players and just great time all day long made this WWEC 2009 round unforgettable.

Full list of results: course and slalom