WWEC 2009 Estonia first competition day

Great sunny and windy competition day is over, but some night slalom riding, sauna and party with live music is happening after a while.

There are 20 riders together from 4 countries – Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Great Britain, racing in Estonia, Haapsalu. Finally there is also women group, leaders after first day in slalom – Marianne Kaplas from Finland, but course racing discipline – Marta Ozola from Latvia.

There has been 4 course discipline races and 8 slalom races. Leader in both disciplines stays the same – Janis Preiss from Latvia. Second in slalom – Aleksandrs Leontjevs, LAT, 3rd place – Mikus Bevalds, LAT. Course after first day – 2nd place Valeri Filippov, EST, 3.rd place – Jevgeni Bogatorjov, EST.

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