The ski.

RMD Inc. handcrafts the patented Windski,in Windski’s own proprietary molds to exacting design standards for Windski. The industries current premium materials are combined with the highest quality standards to instill in you confidence, and pride in knowing your Windski represents the finest snow sailing product available today.


Windski is proud to announce the introduction of the new WINDSKI CARVE. While the Carve is just 2 cm shorter than the original Race, at 242 cm, the Carve features a vastly increased fore foot and tail. This allows the Carve to “float” in deep powder with NO tendency to want to submarine regardless of the depth of snow. The pronounced side-cut will reward you with smooth arched turns with effortless transitions from edge to edge. When the snow is soft, and the powder bottomless, if you want to jibe fully powered up, the Windski Carve is for you.

The Windski Race and Windski Carve come complete with stainless steel skegs designed for the intended sailing environment. The skegs are interchangeable, permitting each ski to be “tuned” for the day’s conditions.

Windski Carve

Risers, Inserts and Mast locations
Windski has taken the extra effort to provide you the ability to custom “tune” your individual Windski. By making it possible to relocate the machined 6061 T-6 aluminum risers, as well as the mast base fore and aft, you can dial in your ski to “fit” your individual requirements. To ensure that location holes aren’t stripped, Windski has installed stainless steel threaded inserts making relocation easy and secure. Additionally these inserts are imbedded in titanium plates bonded in the carbon-fiber ski laminate.

Your Windski deck comes complete, and includes an applied non-skid surface that has demonstrated excellent wear resistance. (A vacuumed bagged carbon-fiber composite deck is available as an option.)




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