T2 hi-boards

source www.t2iceboards.lv

T2 is the result of a five years hard work and its formation was initiated by the strong will to continue the preferred summer sports also during the winter. After close examination of local and international experience it was concluded that the board we want to sail with during the winter needs to be as maneuvering as the summer windsurfing board; thus it was decided that skateboard structure basis should be applied for he new equipment. However, the new conception revealed some problems lack of stability when tested with high speed and low endurance. Also the control mechanisms proved to be insufficient. Therefore a more massive mechanism was developed to meet the challenges of the previous, which allows for regulations in a wider diapason from freestyle to high speed racing.

In open ice competitions T2 ice boards have proven to be the best in all slalom, race and freestyle.

What does T2 mean?

The first family name letters of two active surfers and constructors of hi-boards Uldis and Krisjanis Tutans.

Recent design. In 2006 the boards have a new look. The colors of the deck can be mixture of black, brown, grey, green, red and blue.


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