Story of Jeffrey Brown – 62mph on hi-board.

Back in 2005 Jeffrey Brown measured speed 62mph on his custom hi-board. We wanted to find out how is he these days and is there any new records achieved. Here is his letter:

Hello, I have been actively pursuing the speed quest for some time now, although my current record still stands at 62 mph, as recorded on GPS.
Our local iceboat club has awards for such achievements, the speed goal is awarded with a run of 60mph or greater and is called “Mile-A-Minute” award.
Recently our club offered a 100mile distance goal called “Century Award” where the goal is to simply sail 100 miles during any given day, from dawn to dusk. I was the first to achieve this goal within our club, and I accomplished it on my custom Freeskate iceboard (hi-board)!

Over the last few years I have again reached the 62mph record one more time, many other runs at or very near 60 on many different days and ice conditions.

I patiently wait for the ultimate ice conditions to develop where we need more than a mile of perfect smooth black ice and minimum of 30mph winds to break the current speed record.

I had one other time where I felt I easily went the fastest I have ever gone, but the GPS device lost signals and failed to properly record clean data. When I downloaded the track log to my computer, I saw erratic readings of 70mph!
Someday the time will be right to really show how fast these devices are capable of.

Thanks again,
Jeff Brown

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