Results from the 3rd WWEC event

Last weekend in Finland, Hanko continued the competition for the European cup. Finally also the winner of last season Janis Preiss got involved and easily won the slalom discipline.

On Saturday the weather was perfect for competition thus there were rather many races in slalom discipline. 12 races and one winner in all of them – Janis Preiss. Remarkable results showed also the 15 years old Finnish rider Joel Grönqvist – second in slalom and third in course! Hope to see him in the next event in Latvia where he could compete with Latvian Mikus Bēvalds for the highest position in the youth group.

Results in SLALOM: 1. Janis Preiss, 2. Joel Grönqvist, 3. Ian Rautelin, 4. Daniel Blinnikka, 5. Roger van Tongeren, 6. Juha Blinnikka, 7. Feodor Gurvits, 8. Marianne Kaplas, 9. Stefan Wikström, 10. Edgars Liepiņš 11. Ari Männistö

Results in COURSE RACING: 1. Feodor Gurvits 2. Kalevi Männistö 3. Joel Grönqvist 4. Roger van Tongeren, 5. Janis Preiss, 6. Anna Arosilta.

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