Report on WWEC Estonia’s event

First of all apologises for not informing you about the actual ice/snow conditions on competition site! We found there about 10 cm of packed snow.    However weather reduced the possible harm … we where missing wind also.  In Friday night and all Saturday Estonian organizer – Aloha team – with nordic patience and not taking in mind sceptical comments  continued their experiment of creating track with water from ice hole…   On Sunday nice spot 25 x 70 meters where ready, but ….   still no wind.  Wind will come on monday and blow whole week according forecast – as allways 🙂

Anyhow perfect winter weather and warm sun created a nice spring feeling and let all interested parties to try out the Hiberna winter windsurfing sledge, but the wind was too low to get the results for the competitions. Next possibility for competing is on 26th and 27th February in Oravi, Finland, where all competitiors are welcome to compete.

Organizers left a nice rink in front of the Veskiviigi harbour. It’s  available now  for everyone who’s interested in ice skating and ice hockey.

Event was sponsored by O’Neill, Veskiviigi trahter, City of Haapsalu, Tõnu Reisid.