Overall results of WWEC2009!

Janis Preiss takes both – slalom and course racing titles – Winner of Winter Windsurf European Cup 2009.

WWEC 2009 was taking place in Europe for the first time this winter season becoming milestone of the development of winter windsurfing. Cooperation with local organizers sponsors and riders during each event in different countries have made new communication networks to share experiences and give contribution to winter windsurfing promotion and development.

There have been 49 participants from 5 countries competing in 4 WWEC 2009 rounds from first days of January till March. In the first season 4 WWEC 2009 rounds were successfully accomplished in Latvia, Finland, Lithuania and Estonia.

Janis Preiss from Latvia have been participating in all WWEC 2009 rounds showing outstanding performance in slalom discipline, also taking place on the pedestal in each round in course racing. Another rider form Latvia – Mikus Bevalds – has done the same in Youth group, getting first places in slalom and course disciplines. But in Women group first place in slalom – Marianne Kaplas – from Finland, one of the most experienced female winter windsurfing racer, also winner of slalom discipline in 29th Ice and Snow Sailing Championship 2009 (ISSWC 2009).

Course Overall:

  1. Janis Preiss, Latvia
  2. Aleksandrs Leontjevs, Latvia
  3. Feodor Gurvits, Finland

Course Women:

  1. Marta Ozola, Latvia

Course Youth:

  1. Mikus Bevalds, Latvia
  2. Juozas Bernotas, Lithuania
  3. Jevgeni Bogatorjov, Estonia

Course Master:

  1. Juha Mannermaa, Finland
  2. Valeri Filippov, Estonia
  3. Kalev Allikveer, Estonia / 3. Arto Ravander, Finland

Slalom Overall:

  1. Janis Preiss, Latvia
  2. Aleksandrs Leontjevs, Latvia
  3. Mikus Bevalds, Latvia

Slalom Women:

  1. Marianne Kaplas, Finland
  2. Marta Ozola, Latvia
  3. Annika Valkna, Estonia

Slalom Youth:

  1. Mikus Bevalds, Latvia
  2. Daniel Blinnikka, Finland
  3. Juozas Bernotas, Lithuania

Slalom Master:

  1. Juha Blinnikka, Finland
  2. Marianne Kaplas, Finland
  3. Gintautas Bernotas, Lithuania

Click for full list of results of slalom and course.

Newcomers in each round of WWEC 2009 and overall atmosphere approves that popularity of winter windsurfing is booming, equipment is developing and there are already discussions started about some other countries ready to organize one round of WWEC 2010 next winter season.