New player in ski construction

glider-licence-mandatory.jpgFollowing idea of informing readers about industry news, there is an interview with winter windsurfing enthusiast Marcel Bradette from Canada. He is running web page and planning to start selling winter windsurfing-sleigh-skis this November.

How did you start winter windsurfing?
I learned to windsurf on water at the end of summer 1977, so when the winter 1978 came in, I decided to windsurf on snow and ice, but there was no equipment available, so I had to build my own windsurfing-sleigh. Since then it was a hobby for me to design and build windsurfing sleigh and develop the windsurfing-ski concept apply to mono-ski and duo-skis platform.

In 2006 I received the Best Design award for a windsurfing-sleigh type mono-ski with windsurfing-ski concept at the competition at Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada. Most of my design where built at one unit except my first and second wind-skis with alpine skis that where built at 3 units for the first model and 2 units for the second model and the last 2 are still being sailed every winter by 2 of my friends.

How do you describe winter windsurfing scene in Canada?
In Canada, it is very difficult to estimate winter windsurfing activity because it is a very large country with different climates and landscapes. I know there are many groups in the province of Ontario around the Great Lakes.

In the Quebec province, there is the Saguenay and lac St-Jean region, the St-Laurence river in Quebec, Rimouski and Montreal and Trois-Rivieres region .Most windsurfers windsurf in summer only and others have moved to kite-surfing due to the lack of winter windsurfing equipment.

What are your business plans regarding winter windsurfing?
At the moment, I am working hard to be ready to sell windsurfing-sleigh with windsurfing-skis. I will be open for business the first of November 2008. My web site will be updated for it! Mostly all sales activities will be done trough web site except few local stores, where windsurfing-sleigh will be sold.

How do you see winter windsurfing development in general?

Right now, the windsurfing is growing fast! But the windsurfer in winter – he has a set of sails, he knows, how to windsurf, he doesn`t have a windsurfing-sleigh and he cannot buy one, because they are not available.

The lack of very high performance windsurfing-sleigh, that ride with ease on hard or soft snow, smooth or rough ice and deep snow appears to be the cause of slower development as it could be. I have been asked many times where to buy such equipment or if I sell my equipment.

If more high performance windsurfing-sleigh that rides with ease and safety on all types of snow is available to those windsurfers and new people, they will discover the joy of windsurfing on ice and snow and they will increase the windsurfing community!

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