History and Geography of winter windsurfing.

Ok, this is category where we really need help from you, readers. Idea is to find out and save in one place history of winter windsurfing, when and how it started and who was the guys who did it. As we found out from www.wissa2008.org, sled or open class competitions are the oldest continuously run event in history of windsurfing (not windsurfing events in summer time)!

If you know something, just write down in comments of this post or send to us by e-mail: editor@winterwindsurf.com

If you have some photos of first rigs or events, it would be very interesting to post them here. We would also like to find out geography of people and places where winter windsurfing is going on, to find distal points to north and south where this stuff is possible. May be even to create interactive map with possibility to find nearest point for those who find winter windsurf interesting and would like to try for first time.

If you have some more good ideas of how to make it, please share with world of cooler windsurfing!)