Get ready for WWEO 2014!

Winter Windsurfing European Open (WWEO) championships this season will be held from 27th of February until 2nd of March 2014 in Riga, Latvia by lake Kisezers. Unique location almost in city centre, easy accessibility, plenty accommodation options around, many side activities available for all your family and professional race organisation should create perfect conditions for riders to meet and compete!

WWEO2014 is open competition for any winter windsurfer and wing surfer in two disciplines – traditional course and short track slalom (STS). This year WWEO2014 is held right before WISSA2014 in Russia, so you can consider European championships as a warm-up event before World championships. Notice of race will be published within couple weeks, so you will be able to read all rules more detailed soon.

Thursday 27th of February is as arrival day and the first race day, however, we will carefully plan program, so riders from abroad have enough time to get to event`s place on time by ferry, plane, bus or your own car!

WWEO2014 is happening in the same place „Windsurfing Club 360” by lake Kisezers as WISSA2009, if you remember. Event`s area has been developing significantly after WISSA2009 and it has become famous summer/winter sports and leisure centre for locals. If you still remember cosy „CABO” cafe there, its much bigger now, serving delicious meals and offering hot drinks at the bar outside! Every winter local sports shop „Burusports” opens nordic skiing and ice-skating rental by „CABO” cafe, sometimes organizing disco`s on the ice and other special events. And of course sauna will be available for WWEO2014 participants!

All practical info about registration, accommodation, arrival etc. coming soon!