Finnish National Championship

warkaussails2009__224Finnish National race was held on Unnukka (between Varkaus and

Leppävirta) this weekend. Bad forecast and several other reasons resulted in 13 participants only. However one could say that most motivated out of best 20 Finnish racers were there. Low wind picked up by Saturday noon and slalom track was perfected manually at the same time.

There were altogether qualification + 8 starts. Terrieri won first three with clear lead but then also Ian Rautelin started to take wins.

Whenever Ian took the lead also Juha Blinnikka got his sled between Ian and Terrieri. At the end of the day Terrieri had 5 wins but three thirds, Ian three wins and four seconds and it was not until the last start when Terrier could think of winning the race. Even not winning the heats Blini made best looking overtakings and his son, Dani perfected the family show by excellent performance few positions behind. The rest of the racers had lots of interesting battles, all of them, apart from Henry Bryk, benefitting from their WWEC experience.

However day’s largest surprise came in course race when ruling Slalom World Champion in women, Marianne Kaplas borrowed a ski-sled. She had a few minutes test drive and won the race in front of very experienced Arto Ravander and other guys from the North (they didn’t learn it in Lappeenranta – never borrow your sled to a fast slalom racer! 😉 Also Dani’s performance was superb -he finished third in very difficult wet snow conditions.

On Sunday there was not enough wind so everybody was happy to conclude the race. Terrieri is now ruling Finnish Champion in Slalom, next attempt to find out the Course Champion will be done in two weeks in Kalajoki.

Results Slalom:

1. Feodor Gurvits 0.7 0.7 0.7 3 0.7 (3) (3) 0.7, tot. 6.5pt

2. Ian Rautelin 2 2 2 0.7 (2) 0.7 0.7(4), tot. 8.1pt

3. Juha Blinnikka (3) (3) 3 2 3 2 2 2, tot. 14pt

4. Marianne Kaplas 4 (5) 4 (5) 4 5 4 5, tot. 26pt

5. Daniel Blinnikka 6 6 5 4 5 4 (6) (7), tot. 30pt

6. Ari Männistö 5 4 6 (7) 6 6 (7) 6, tot. 33pt

7. Henri Bryk (7) (7) 7 6 7 7 5 3, tot. 35pt

Tulokset Rata:

1. Marianne Kaplas 2 0.7, tot 2.7pt

2. Arto Ravander 0.7 2, tot 2.7pt

3. Antti Riihimäki 4 4, tot 8pt

4. Jarno Rautio 3 5, tot 8pt

5. Feodor Gurvits 5 6, tot 11pt

6. Daniel Blinnikka DNS 3, tot 12pt

7. Markus Boman DNF DNF tot 18pt

8. Arto Juutilainen DNS DNF tot 19pt

8. Juha Blinnikka DNS DNF tot 19pt