European Championship and Finnish Nationals 2015 – Notice of Race Espoo
winter sailing competition
21st – 22nd February 2014,
Espoonlahti, Espoo, Finland

 Winter sailing competition open for everyone
 Sponsored by, Oy Brandt Ab, Honda, RipCurl, Fazer, Airice, 3D Wind Service
and others
 Competition for two classes: handheld wings(Wing) and sleds (Sled) with windsurfing rig
 Disciplines Wing: Course Race and Short Track Slalom (STS)
 Disciplines Sled: Course Race and Short Track Slalom (STS)
 Winter Windsurfing Racing Rules (WWRR 2014), this Notice of the Race (NoR) and
Sailing Instructions (SI)
 Participation fee 40€ for Saturday and Sunday, for Juniors under 18 30€. Lunch is not
included, but there shall be a possibility to order warm lunch from a catering company for
a reasonable cost. Fee is paid during the registration, each competitor shall fill
registration form, register own equipment and must have a valid injury insurance (for
Finnish racers membership of Purjehtijaliitto either over Purjelautaliitto or own sailing club
is enough); third party insurance is highly recommended
 Race is arranged by TalviSurf Oy
 Sailing Instructions will be given latest at skippers meeting
 All participants are taking part solely on their own responsibility, suitable helmet is
required from everyone, other protective garment is highly recommended. It is mandatory
to consider safety of every person on ice including racer himself and avoid any
unnecessary risks, sailing in dark or on possible weak ice areas (which can be indicated
during the skippers meeting) is entirely forbidden
 Possible protests will be handled by Protest Committee or in case of STS by Arbitration
of judges during the race. Protest Committee of three will be elected from competitors at
the skipper’s meeting, in case of elected racers involved in the protest situation
replacement members will be elected at first possible moment
 There will be one Slalom Judge and Assisting Judges for slalom, and one Course Race
Judge with possible assistants
 Race will be carried on in accordance with above mentioned rules which will be
displayed to all participants and explained during the skipper meetings; all participants
agree by taking part in the race to accept decisions of the judges regarding their
equipment, sailing and possible protests