Clasification of constructions for winter sailing.

All winter sailing with „free standing rig“ are divided in there groups according Winter Ice Snow Sailing Association (WISSA) classification:
1) Sled Class : This is any sled powered by a windsurfing rig, where the rider is standing. This is where we are. This is winter windsurfing.



2) Hand held Class : Any wing held directly by hand – nice stuff, but it is not windsurfing.



3) Kites Class : All wings connected by lines. This sport consist to slide on skis and to be trackted by a kite. You know. Kites. Easyer to learn, therefore growing faster than windsurfing at least in summer.


How this comparision looks on your area in winter time?
Anyway We will try to clear things out here, how sled class with its long history (the oldest continuously run event in the history of windsurfing) become in situation, that we have difficulties to discuss some issues, because diferent modifications do not have internationally accepted names.
And every modifications have some advantages.
„triangle“ construction with 3 blades, 2 back blades fixed, one in front rounded or steerable. Posibly fastest winter windsurfing construction. Strong in Poland. Mostly produced in workshops.


„hi-board“, (in russia named as well „tarakan“) with 4 blades – 2 turnable pairs. Construction gives kind-of-funboard feeling of ride, very close to summer windsurfing, but can be used also for freestyle or race. Most complicated construction. Mostly produced in workshops but available as well as serial products of Freeskate or T2 . For next winter new Hi-board prototypes recently where presented in ISPO exibiton.
Ski constructions. Board is fixed on one or two skis or, as Snowfer – three gliding surfaces and board in one body. Honestly, we do not have an idea – are there so big differences to name them as separate classes or not. Mostly produced in workshops with exception of Windski and Snowfer.
Would be grate to see your opinion about classification issue. That would help to our international discussion a lot. What is class names in your areas? Do you have any more winter windsurfing constructions?

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