Claissifcation of constructions 2

This is update of classification theme, you can find first post here:

We asked Jeffrey Brown for his opinion about classification of constructions for winter windsurfing and here is his letter:

Once a long time ago, WINDSURFING was considered a registered name for a manufacturer exclusively.
After Patent rights where expired, the industry called everything WINDSURFING, as it should be called.

Here in the US, due to the local Freeskate product, we have adapted the same line of thinking. But misunderstood by most.
I agree there must be a better name to describe our sport.
Offically, I registered my claim with Guiness Books under the title ‘ICEBOARD’, which is my own custom built version, not a Freeskate manufactured model.

I think the term ‘Iceboards’ are more likely to gain understanding overall.
The “design” aspects being limited to a board which has some type of skateboard truck, turning mechanical method, which delivers foot-weight controlable manuverability.

I would think of the ‘Hi-Board’ as a manufactured iceboard with a proprietory namesake.

Makes sense?

Alternate type boards used with fixed runners, do not allow the foot controlable methods and instead, must use the sail’s balance of forces to turn device, which is not nearly the desireable method as described above.