Report on WWEC 2011 1st event

Previous weekend was all about fun in Kaunas Sailing Club. 17 racers from Lithuania, Latvia and Finland had come to participate in WWEC 2011 first event.

On Saturday there was competition in Slalom discipline. Good wind and ice condition and the first Slalom award went to Latvian racer Aleksandrs Leontjevs. On Sunday wind was unstable. Nevertheless it was enough to run Course Race and Freestyle as well. This by the way was first freestyle competetion in WWEC; freestyle was rated by “overall impression”. It was interesting to watch especially because every racer used different board: two sereal boards from Hiberna und Snowfer and one Lithuanian custom. First place went to Latvia – Dagnis Bricis became the first to get European Cup in Freestyle. Second was Tomas Indriūnas from Lithuania and third – Darius Daraška. Next Freestyle competition is expected to be held in Estonia where Freestyle is at a high level. Will be interesting to see how Estonians have developed for the past years.


Both days were very interesting not only for participants, but also for all those many people who came to see this event. It is obvious that the common level of this sports has rised. It can easily be observed by racers technique, sails and boards.  Lithuania’s team did a great job, and we’re all looking forward for the next event in Lithuania and hope to see all the racers and more to other events.

After the competition about 15 racers and organizers went for a little freeride (which wasn’t that little after all as it lasted for about an hour), and as Finlandia’s racer Feodor later reported – it was something really great. The feeling when all of us sailed to the other shore and did some freeride not trying to compete with each other was special. It was a great way to end this event. This once again proves that WWEC is not just an event for competitors – it’s an event for all winter and snow addicts, and everyone is invited!

Results Slalom

Results Course Race

Some more photos and videos here:

WWEC 2011 General Rules


WWEC  2011


The Winter Windsurfing European Cup (WWEC) is organized to:

find the best winter windsurfers in Europe in a 4 to 6 competition series,

maintain winter windsurfing traditions

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