Winter Windsurf European Cup 2011 is over and so is the winter windsurfing season

International Winter Windsurfing Association officially announces the closing of winter windsurfing season 2011 on March 19 along with the 4th WWEC 2011 event on Ķīšezers, Windsurfing Club 360 territory.

The final races begun late in the afternoon of Friday, March 18 – one course race and three races for slalom. By the sunset the first results were known and the leaders were Lithuanian rider Giedrius Liutkus in slalom and Janis Preiss in course.

Saturday came with wet snow and almost no wind; the races got postponed to the second part of the day.

From 3PM the weather conditions improved and some wind picked up. As soon as the conditions were good enough we proceeded with competition and accomplished the plan to have at least seven starts in slalom and three in course. By the evening it was clear who the leaders of European Cup 2011 are.

The winner of WWEC 2011 4th event in both disciplines – the World Champion in slalom 2009 and 2011 – Janis Preiss. The young Lithuanian rider Andrius Šliuburys who has just become 18 years old took the second position in slalom and third place in course. After that, the third in slalom – Lithuanian Giedrius Liutkus, but the second in course racing – Latvian rider Aleksandr Leontjev.

As this was the final race of the season, also the overall winners got awarded. Three European Cup events got taken into account – the first in Kaunas, Lithuania in the middle of January; the third event in Finland that took place right before the WISSA 2011 competition; and the fourth – in Riga. The second event that took place in Haapsalu, Estonia in the middle of February let us down with absolutely no wind and with poor ice conditions.

In the overall ranking in course discipline the winner is Feodor Gurvits – a very active and enthusiastic winter windsurfer, also the WISSA 2011 organiser in Oravi, Finland. The second in course our experienced WWEC 2010 slalom champion Alexandr Leontjev, the third – one of the most active Lithuanian winter windsurfers, Giedrius Liutkus.

In slalom there were no surprises – the best in overall ranking – Janis Preiss. Second, lagging behind only by one point, Aleksandr Leontjev and the third – Giedrius (he had the same amount of points as Aleksandr and the ranking was set according to Appendix A).

Within the WWEC 2011 we had also Latvian National Championship. Identical results for both disciplines: first – Janis Preiss, second – Aleksandr Leontjev, third – Janis Rencis.

After the award ceremony everyone tried his luck in lottery with the main prize – Hiberna ice-board. The lucky winner – Aleksandr Leonjev.

Another winter windsurfing season has come to an end leaving everyone involved with warm feelings and positive emotions. Latvian organizing team is satisfied with the last minute decision to have the 4th event – because of the unpredictable weather conditions it was decided less than two weeks in advance.


Ice condition on Kisezers lake – PERFECT

As WWEC final event is expected this weekend and some of racers are not so sure about the ice, we proudly can inform you that ice on the lake has been checked and it’ s perfect!

It’ s 40cm thick and about 80% of the ice is clean and passable by sledges.

See you tomorrow on ICE.

4th and final season’s WWEC 2011 in RIGA

Finally we can say it out loud – Winter Windsurf European Cup 2011 4th Event and Season Finale (also Latvian Championship) in a week – March 18-20th in Riga, Windsurfing Club 360 territory. It’s a little surprising that there’s still ice on a lake and that’s one of the reasons this competition have been kept in secret – we didn’t know what to expect in the middle of March.

It all starts Friday, March 18th! We’ll try to focus on Saturday and start competition only on Saturday if forecast is favorable. Only if it seems that Saturday and Sunday’s weather doesn’t promise anything good, we’ll try to run one Course and three Slalom races on Friday.

If at least  3 Course and 7 Slalom races will be held until end of Saturday, we will finish this season on Saturday night with prize giving ceremony and party in Cabo Cafe.

Still don’t know if it’s worth to come? Consider this – one of competitors will get a brand new Hiberna board by draw!!!

Come and take part in Season’s Finale, take your friends and family with you.


Accommodation: Hotel “Keizarmezs” is 550m from Windsurfing Club 360. Price per night per 2 pers. (twin room) is 35.00 EUR (for WWEC participants), breakfast included. Features saunas and swimming pool. To book your room, please write to

See ya there!

WWEC2011 4th NoR

WWEC event in Finland was special

This weekend a very special WWEC event took place – it can be presented as a warm-up race for WISSA 2011, the ice and snow sailing world championship in Oravi, Finland. The status of a beginning race of a long, high class competition did not reduce the heat, it rather motivated the competitors to practice and get serious about their technique.


Report on WWEC Estonia’s event

First of all apologises for not informing you about the actual ice/snow conditions on competition site! We found there about 10 cm of packed snow.    However weather reduced the possible harm … we where missing wind also.  In Friday night and all Saturday Estonian organizer – Aloha team – with nordic patience and not taking in mind sceptical comments  continued their experiment of creating track with water from ice hole…   On Sunday nice spot 25 x 70 meters where ready, but ….   still no wind.  Wind will come on monday and blow whole week according forecast – as allways 🙂


WWEC 2011 2nd Event – Estonia!

As it’s again the time to get to Haapsalu and take part in Aloha IceChallenge 2011. The dates this year are 18.02 – 20.02.

All kiters should turn up as there will definitely be a race event for them and we think that riding on ice is anyways fun even if you don’t want to participate.

If the weather and ice conditions are good enough, there will be DN, Mono and Ice-Opti ice sailors present who are going to carry out their competitions during the event. How cool is that.

Detailed info here