Season 2010, summary

Here are some lines to summarize season 2010:

Most of the goals that we set at the beginning of the season are successfully completed. As planned, we had 5 European cup events, and in addition European open championship. Where it was possible we connected WWEC 2010 with other types of sports (e.g. kitesurfing, kicksleds) and widened the WWEC 2010 competition program for the spectators and participants with additional activities (e.g. downhill skiing fun race).

At the beginning of the season the concept of 2010 was specified – * Explore the spots! *. During the season we got in touch with winter windsurfing enthusiasts/local event organizers in Europe. Besides events organized with our collaboration (WWEC, WWEO) and the annual WISSA World championship (this year in Canada), there were 2 more remarkable competitions this season that we are informed about. One took place in Lithuania – “Opening of Winter Season“ competition in Kaunas that was organized by and attracted about 40 participants from all over Lithuania. The other took place in the Netherlands on the 16th of January – the Dutch National Championship with more than 80 participants.

lake neusiedler, austriaWhat is more, Peter Pfaffenbichler from Austria let us know about a spot near Vienna (app. 50km south of Vienna) – Lake Neusiedler. There they usually have 4 to 8 weeks of usable ice (whole January, parts of February) and this year it was up to 20cm thick. Visit Peter`s blog for some more pictures:

Some highlights of this season:

Aloha Kite Challenge 009Toomas Jurjo:
“Our highlights… We were very worried when we found day before event our
snow cleaning equipment under the ice, right where we suppose to make the
the slalom track. It was very obvious that we can not clean the ice without
it and most likely there would not be any slalom competition at all. But
seems, there is a winter windsurf God or something similar. During the
extremely cold night water appeared on the ice pretty close to the
competition area and prepared us “secret spot” with perfect ice.”

DSC02458Ricards Liepins:
“Good wind, pure ice and bright sun was a rare combination last winter. One of those
moments was in Pavilosta in January – bright track of perfect ice in between open sea
with incredible sculptural moldings on one side and sandy beach on other.  As normally there is no winter windsurfing possible in Pavilosta, hat day showed a good point to carry windsurfing equipment all year round (: “

Janis Silis:
“I think that the WWEO in Kalajoki was a perfect end for the season. We had great wind, great track and great racers for one of the best races that I have participated in winter windsurfing. “

Giedrius Liutkus:
” My short summary of this season would be: ‘Indoor season’. Basically all the competitions were run within area cleaned by tractors or other devices. With such a limited area, jybes and starts became much more important than usual. Season ended in European Championship in Finland. Great organization and venue.”

See you next season! Team

More about “WWEC 2010 Haapsalu”

First choice, for precise location of the race is Haapsalu Tagalaht in front of the Yacht club. Also rest of the activities will happen near the Haapsalu Yacht club. It has still few rooms available. A room for 2 costs 500EEK or 300EEK (bathroom in the corridor). For booking call +372 5209487