WWEC 3rd competition in Lithuania – Notice of Race

And there comes more info and NoR.

Registration office, race area, accommodation, sauna and restaurant – everything right on the coast of the lake – Kaunas Zalgiris yachtclub. Address: M.Gimbutienes 35, LT-52337, Kaunas, Lithuania, http://www.jachtklubas.lt/.

Use those contacts: +370-37-370422, motelis@jachtklubas.lt, for booking rooms, so you get the best price for simple double room that starts from 80Lithuanian Litas (app.23EUR).

Driving directions: http://www.jachtklubas.lt/?tid=1&stid=39&lvl=1&lid=39&lang=1&click=true


NOTICE OF RACE (NoR) (more…)

WWEC 3rd competition this weekend!

Race is on again! This weekend (February 6 – 8!!!) there will be 3rd round of Winterwindsurf European Cup in Lithuania, city Kaunas.

As usual – first day is for training and tests and next two days will be slalom and course race depending of wind and other conditions.

We realize that this anouncement comes late, so please forward this information to everyone you can and post it in your national windsurfing forums and portals.

Driving directions, accomodation and NoR will follow a.s.a.p.

WWEC 2009goSaimaa! results

Second round of WWEC 2009 in Finland finished with experienced and technical riders in the first places overall – Janis Preiss in slalom and Juha Mannermaa in course racing.

After very „Finnish style” registration for races in the sauna nearby lake, races in both slalom and course discipline could start with more participants comparing to the first round in Latvia. There were 22 riders together from Latvia and Finland however surfers from Estonia and other countries were expected to join European Cup.

First five races of slalom discipline were accomplished on Saturday with great lead of Janis Preiss in the first place in each run. Nothing changed after last 2 runs on Sunday, and Janis Preiss was awarded as an overall winner in slalom of second WWEC 2009 round. Another rider from Latvia – Mikus Bevalds, competing only second time in windsurfing races, got the 2nd best results. Third – Juha Blinnikka from Finland, winning Latvian rider Janis Silis only by one point.

In course one race was possible to organize on Saturday due to low wind conditions. After first day Antti Riihimaki (Finland) got the 1st place as two leaders – Juha Mannermaa (Finland) and Arto Ravander (Finland) – were disqualified. But both surfers showed technical and fast performance on Sunday in other four races, finally standing on pedestal in 1st and 3rd places. 2nd place took Janis Preiss (Latvia) becoming overall leader of WWEC 2009 after 2 series in Latvia and Finland.

WWEC 2009 goSaimaa! results:

Course Overall

1.Juha Mannermaa (Finland)

2.Janis Preiss (Latvia)

3. Arto Ravander (Finland)

Course Master

1.Juha Mannermaa (Finland)

2.Arto Ravander (Finland)

3.Antti Riihimaki (Finland)

Slalom Overall

1.Janis Preiss (Latvia)

2.Mikus Bevalds (Latvia)

3.Juha Blinnikka (Finland)

All results you can find here: slalom; course; course masters

Nice evening program starting with dinner, later some surprises from local artists and sauna, made all weekend great from early morning until late night.

Check out first videos and photos about WWEC 2009 goSaimaa! and get ready for the third WWEC 2009 round in Lithuania from 6th to 8th of February.

One more movie here http://www.iltasanomat.fi/videot/uusimmat/1632906

And pictures here http://picasaweb.google.com/Toidibus/WinterWindSurf#

and here http://tts.pp.fi/kuvat/10.1.2009/