Janis Preiss – Winter windsurfing European champion 2014!

Janis Preiss from Latvia took it all – both slalom and course discipline champion titles at WWEO2014. Conditions were great as ice was smooth and tick enough, but changing wind conditions ensured three great and dynamic racing days.

WWEO2014 gathered participants from 5 countries – Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden and Russia – to race for three days on lake Kisezers in Riga, Latvia. Despite of warm temperatures for last weeks, ice was strong enough ensuring safe and fun competition. There were 3 qualification, 22 slalom and 7 course races in total!

From the first starts Janis Preiss was leader in both slalom and course disciplines and he kept his position until the end becoming Winter windsurfing European champion 2014. However competition was tight between many riders, with Giedrius Liutkus LTU getting second place in course discipline and Aleksandrs Leonjevs LAT in third.

In slalom discipline again Janis Preiss was unbeatable, second – Aleksandrs Leontjevs and third – Giedrius Liutkus from Lithuania.

No matter places everyone enjoyed racing improving their own skills. We saw the best ski-sled riders from Russia and Swedish rider Stefan Soderlund showing great results, when wind got stronger, appearing in top3 during last competition day.

Also of note, for the first time start runaways were used for STS races that were appreciated by riders.

But it wasn`t all about racing only! We were glad to see surfers with families and fans cheering for their favourites, windsurfing future was discussed in cosy sauna unofficial IWWA meeting with 5 countries represented etc.

At the awards ceremony champions got great prizes form WWEO2014 partners AERODIUM – free flights in vertical wind tunnel, Red Bull and also handmade, specially designed UNIQ Headwear.

WWEO2014 was organized by „Vinserfinga klubs 360” together with Latvian Windsurfing asociation, Hiberna, „CABO” cafe, Burusports shop, Red Bull, AERODIUM and UNIQ Headwear.

All results here:
WWEO2014 Slalom discipline
WWEO2014 Course discipline

More photos coming soon!

Lithuanian Winter Sailing Championship!

Check out short video from Lithuanian Winter Sailing championship 2014! Looks like interesting competition was going on between Lithuanian riders in different classes with Giedrius Liutkus winning windsurfing Course race and Paulius Voverys Slalom race. All results and more info in Lithuanian here!

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