Windsurfing on Euro pallet

The story behind the prototype sledge goes like this. Lake Harku has always some ice sailing entusiasts on it. But also people who know everything about anything. But still not much useful information you get from this kind of conversations. My oponents claimed that the shape of the board and stearing system is something that you never figure out by yourself. (more…)

SAVO sledge – easy surfing on ice and snow

Surfing in winter is easy, in fact easier than summer windsurfing upon water. You can use same old rig (although 8.5 m2 is largest sensible sail size). The only thing missing below the rig is a sledge. SAVO is a “Copy-Cat”, very close by its dimensions and idea to legendary Black Cat sledge developed by Arto Ravander in Finland. SAVO is not fastest (Black Cats seem to be faster, although in WISSA 2008 all track courses were won on SAVO sledges) and there are also easier sledge constructions – but nevertheless, it is a very efficient compromise, sort of SUV. Skate sledges are faster on ice, wider and larger sledge can be easier for the


beginners and all adjustments are not always necessary, but why? This sledge can go almost anywhere – ice, hard packed snow, powder; lake, sea, field or coastline… It is easy to build and you can always transport one

deck, two pairs of skis and two sails on the roof of you car to any place you like.


New player in ski construction

glider-licence-mandatory.jpgFollowing idea of informing readers about industry news, there is an interview with winter windsurfing enthusiast Marcel Bradette from Canada. He is running web page and planning to start selling winter windsurfing-sleigh-skis this November.

How did you start winter windsurfing?
I learned to windsurf on water at the end of summer 1977, so when the winter 1978 came in, I decided to windsurf on snow and ice, but there was no equipment available, so I had to build my own windsurfing-sleigh. Since then it was a hobby for me to design and build windsurfing sleigh and develop the windsurfing-ski concept apply to mono-ski and duo-skis platform.


Production boards

We have contacted all board producers we know and there is first information. About Hiberna, as they told, new boards are ready and production is going on at the moment. Boards will be available starting from November and there will be two models in range – FREE and PRO.

PRO model has more features and they even managed to separate adjustament for riders weight and turning radius.hi_studio_27.jpghi_boom_11.jpg

Yes, Hiberna also promised to maintain tests of boards during European Cup events. They are ready to give 14-16 free boards for testing, but we don’t have rigs for these purposes at the moment. If there are some sail producer or distributor who wants to promote his sails in winter, you are very welcome to contact us!

We also contacted company in US which is offering Freeskate 2008, but we don’t have any answer from them at the moment, so this information will probably come later.

We found out that there will be one more producer next year:) Information about this will be little later.

Claissifcation of constructions 2

This is update of classification theme, you can find first post here:

We asked Jeffrey Brown for his opinion about classification of constructions for winter windsurfing and here is his letter:

Once a long time ago, WINDSURFING was considered a registered name for a manufacturer exclusively.
After Patent rights where expired, the industry called everything WINDSURFING, as it should be called. (more…)