Building instructions for hi-board.


This is one of the hi-board custructions.  To build a Freeskate (hi-board) you need 20mm and 10mm thick plywood, blades made of at least 5mm thick stainless steel, 2 skateboard trucks, threaded rods having diameter of at least 12mm and lock nuts for the rods.

Suitable lenght for a hi-board is about 90cm – 150cm. A longer board is stabler and easier to ride whereas a short one turns faster. 120cm is quite a good compromise. Some 40cm is a good choice when width is concerned.

The blades should be some 30cm long and 6cm tall. They are sharpened asymmetrically (see figure) thus providing excellent grip. The blades are fastened into the rods using lock nuts. 3 rods are used per pair of blades. The midmost rod is fastened into a truck using a pipe-tightener.

The surface of the hi-board is a lot less slippery if a rubber carpet is glued on it. Also some doormats make good anti-skid material.

Unfortunately labels in pictures below are only in Finnish.