5 questions to Stefan Söderlund – winner of King Of Ice 2014

We hooked up with Stefan Söderlund, winner of King Of Ice 2014 challenge to ask about last season and plans for 2015 winter:

1. How many years are you windsurfing, how many years windsurfing in winter?

Windsurfing from 1996-97.
On ice 2000-2001, not sure exactly.

2. What equipment did you use last year to win King of the ICE 2014? Which board, which sails, how did you measure speed?

Custom board made by my self, sail TR6 5,5 for speed and for the avg 1h a NP expression 6,1. To measure speed I am using a Genie GT31.


3. Do you have any updates on equipment?

New board design a little bit wider and lighter. Also a truck design custom made by myself, not fully tested yet.


4. Do you participate in competitions also in summer time?

For some years ago in freestyle (amateur class) and some local races on Formula.


5. Will you participate in WISSA 2015 in Fond du Lac?

I wish, but I am afraid that I wont find the time for WISSA this season.


Thank you, Stefan! And good like in upcoming season!