Invitation to Swedish Championship STS 2017

Open Swedish Championship (SM) will be held during a very big event called “SM-veckan” in Söderhamn 3-5 febuary.

Classes that can participate is Kitesail, Kitewing and Winterwindsurf. The course is just outside Söderhamn. Swedish television will film us and do a reportage. We will probably get a big audience that we are not used to.
See map Spotguide Issegling for all places.

Friday, Skippers meeting 10 A.M. First start 11 A.M. No sailing after 15:30 P.M.

Saturday, Skippers meeting 9:30 A.M. First start 10:30 A.M. No sailing after 15:30 P.M.

Sunday is Championship-backup-day or we compete in Swedish Cup. Skippers meeting 9:30 A.M. First start 10:30 A.M.

Price ceremeony
After last sail-race.

It’s reserved 30 beds from thursday to sunday. Notice it’s very difficult to get accomodation since everything is booked. First come first served.
Cost is 400 SEK/ person for three nights (half cost).

Pay to our bankaccount: 9960 3405410337
Bank: Nordea
Account holder: Sällskapet skridskoseglarna
IBAN: SE65 9500 0099 6034 0541 0337

Registration fee
100 SEK. Pay to our bankaccount, same as above

Registration to Torgny Lagerstedt or +46 70 777 87 85 for competition and accomodation
And give this information: Name, Class, Club, mail-adress, Telephone, Country

WISSA 2017 in Togliatti

WISSA 2017 is coming closer and with usual Open, Hand held and Kite class, also Freestyle discipline is confirmed.

Opening and first practise race is on February 20, 2017. You can find official schedule here.

Notice of race, racing rules, signals and other documents, as well as accommodation and travel information you can find in official WISSA 2017 homepage:

On February 25 and 26 as part of the competition, for the third time it will be held the festival «Zhiguli Sea. SNOWKITE Carnival» well known to all citizens and guests of Togliatti – the capital of the automotive. According to the organizers this event is projected to collect over 20 thousand spectators.

After that the «SNOWKITERUSSIA 2017» project will be continued with the following events. Immediately after the World Championship and the Festival, there will be events of not lower scale: multi-day expedition race for teams of snowkiters in self-sufficient mode «TRANSONEGO» and the festival «ONEGO» in Petrozavodsk. Both events are scheduled from 1 to 5 March. This kiting competition will be attended by more than 80 professional athletes from around the world, and the festival will bring together about 5000 residents and tourists.

KING OF THE ICE 2017 – Invitation

Welcome to the 4th annual International Windsurfing Iceboard Challenge hosted by Team Sweden!

Official Facebook group and event location: Iceboard Windsurfing King of the ICE 2016, hosted by team USA, was a success. Dean Withrow – team USA was crowned ‘King of the Ice 2016’! There were 26 competitors from six countries represented, USA, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, Netherlands and Canada, making the King of the ICE competition truly international. Read Jeff Browns summery of King of ICE 2016 in the end of this invitation.

Team Sweden will continue the tradition and for this year we have replaced the dicipline “Distance” with the all new dicipline “Nautical mile”. Our aim for this year is to attract even more riders from all over the world.

Four disciplines will be included in the King of the Ice 2017 challenge: (more…)

WISSA 2016

The 36th WISSA World Championship will be held from February 8th to 13th 2016, on Gulf of Haapsalu, at the wonderful little town Haapsalu, Estonia.

Kalev Allikveer

With the event we celebrate 40th anniversary of birth of this sport (Purisuusk). Start of Purisuusk in 1976 at Lake of Harku , Tallinn – 40 years a go.

WISSA1991 event in Kabli – Pärnu – 25 years ago.
WISSA 1996 event in Haapsalu – 20 years ago.

Chief organizer Kalev Allikveer  together with Estonian Windsurfing Association.

The history of windsurfing is directly tied to the events that took place in Estonia 40 years ago in 1976. Estonia has a long and proud narrative in the story of snow sailing.

So mark your calendars folks. See you in Estonia!

WISSA 2016 official website is www. , please use it for registration.

PS! In Haapaslu brings together two winter ice and snow surfing events:

6th – 7th February        Estonian Open Championships 2016

8th – 13th February       WISSA 2016 World Championships